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Meet Dr. William E. Hay

trusted IV and Conscious Sedation Dentist

Dr. William Hay is a unique small-town dentist. His focus on postdoctoral clinical dentistry enables him to provide some of the latest advances in dental technology—things like IV and conscious sedation, placement and restoration of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, TMJ treatment, and one-day crowns. Best of all, Dr. Hay combines clinical dentistry with small-town care and communication that will make you and your family feel right at home.

A Kentucky native, Dr. Hay got his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, and is an Alumnus of the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for dental studies.

When not in the office, Dr. Hay enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and AKC hunt test competitions with his dogs.


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WHAT IS Sedation Dentistry?

Dr. Hay is one of a limited number of general dentists that offer IV sedation and conscious sedation and can complete most or all of your dentistry, including dental implants, while you are sedated.

Due to the relaxing effects of the medication, patients must have a friend or family member bring them to the dental office and return them home.

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Reduce AnxietyReduce Anxiety

Enjoy visiting the dentist again! Treatments seem to take only minutes to complete.

Save MoneySave Money

Longer single appointments and decreased need for costly anesthesia saves you money.

Save TimeSave Time

Many previously time-consuming procedures can now be completed in one appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel any pain during my procedure?

It's important to understand that the entire purpose of Sedation Dentistry is to remove any fear of discomfort, pain, or anxiety from your treatment experience. Most patients tell us they felt absolutely no pain or discomfort during their procedures and may express that they feel great immediately afterwards.

Does someone need to drive me to and from my appointment?

Yes, we require that you have someone else drive you to and from your appointment. Think of it as trading a bit of inconvenience getting here and back for the ability to sleep comfortably through your dental treatment.

What are the side effects of dental sedation?

Many patients do not remember much of their procedure after the sedatives wear off. Some patients may even experience a bit of "retroactive" amnesia and be unable to recall arriving to the office for their appointment. Less commonly, patients may experience mild headaches, nausea, and sometimes a bit of "jet lag" once the sedatives have worn off.

Will my insurance plan cover the cost of sedation?

Our talented team will work with you to see if your insurance company will cover your sedation needs. If for any reason they are not covered, we will let you know and will work with you ​to develop a financial plan if needed. Our patients often tell us that it's worth the investment to purchase sedation dentistry.

What should I expect immediately following my procedure?

Our office will monitor you for a period immediately following your procedure to make sure the sedatives are wearing off as expected and that there are no complications following your treatment. As a general rule, we will provide written copies of any post-care instructions in case you experience any memory problems. Patients should avoid driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery for 24 hours after sedation.

Does your office offer any payment plans?

Yes, ask our office about financing options or payment plans. CareCredit® offers reasonable interest rates for patients who need to finance their dental care.

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Dr. William E. Hay, PSC - Cosmetic, Implant, Sedation & General Dentistry
Dr. Hay and his team

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